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open source SOFTWARE

adodbapi: (Administrator/Developer) An application program interface for reading and writing SQL databases using the Microsoft ADO access method from a program written in the Python language. Each upsdate is tested using Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, an EXCEL® spreadsheet, and the Microsoft ACCESS® (Jet) database.

idstring: (Developer) A Python module which creates compact alpha-numeric serial nember strings with a check digit, and an __add__ method for '+1'. The encoding alphabet and the dirty word list can be altered, but using the defaults, "FUCJ" will increment to "FUCL".
See the wiki on "Sane rules for identification numbers"

romanclass: (Developer) A Python module which reads and writes Roman numerals as a Python "class". Roman objects can be added, incremented, and subtracted, etc. Unicode characters are used for numbers greater than MMMCMXCIX, and the entire package is structured as an example of how to emulate numeric types.


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